Sunday, November 2, 2008

Venting Anger: Part 2

I drive through our delivery area every night and see the same hookers and drug dealers working the streets. They are out there rain or shine. It could be 40 below zero and white out blizzard conditions and these fuckers are still working the street corners. Yet, the police drive by and say nothing. But, if I drive through the same area on deliveries more than twice in a one hour period, I get pulled over, yanked out of my car and treated like I'm Ted Bundy or something.

This particularly pisses me off considering that over the past 18 months several of our local law enforcement officials have been arrested for selling cocaine and other corruption charges. It was bad enough the feds sent in FBI agents to take down some of the local police people.

Furthermore, there have been a handful of women, all with arrests for solicitation, found dead and dumped in rural areas on the outskirts of the city. As far as we the public know, the police are not even close to solving these homicide cases.

Yet if I look out of place in a neighborhood while I'm simply doing my fucking job, then I get treated like a career criminal.


Scorpaen said...

welcome to the fascist police state.
study this and be prepared

Aubs said...

Hey, man. Just checking in on you. Haven't heard from ya lately!