Sunday, November 2, 2008

Venting Anger On A Thermo-Nuclear Level

Before i unleash my rage, let me explain that not all people who get free money every month are low life's. Every time I speak about free checks or Welfare, I also seem to be in the company of some hyper-sensitive asshole who goes crazy about me knocking people on welfare or disability. The fact of the matter is that those programs are in place to help people WHO DESERVE THEM and I DO NOT KNOCK EVERYONE WHO IS ON ONE OF THESE PROGRAMS. If you have a legitimate medical condition that keeps you from working, then yes public assistance programs were designed to help people like you. If you are a single parent struggling and need help until you get back on your feet, then you deserve to take advantage of these types of programs providing that you get off of the program when you can afford to take care of your household and you make an effort to do better for your household in order to get off of said program.

Now that I've said that, let me tell you what really pisses me off about disability and Welfare programs.

There are far too many people who milk these programs for thousands of dollars every year even though they have never worked a day in their life. I deliver to the housing projects for people on welfare and it pisses me off every time. For instance, the lazy bitch I delivered too tonight complained about having to pay $10 for a pizza. Yet, you look around her living room and she has new furniture, a nice high end computer system, a big screen LCD television, a $300 cell phone in her hand and she's wearing a pair of shoes that cost more than my entire outfit. She might be 22 or 23 years old, lives in a public housing apartment that my tax money paid to construct and continues to pay to maintain and she gets a free check every month from my tax money.

I get so angry at this kind of thing that it makes my blood boil. My idea of public assistance or welfare programs is that if you are on one of these programs you get just enough to get by. A safe, clean place to live, food and basic utilities. If you can afford to buy $2500 televisions and a whole living room full of new furniture, then you are either getting too much assistance or you don't need to be on welfare at all.

And there are so many of these people who are 2nd and 3rd generations welfare scrubbs who just will not make an effort to contribute to society. They just kick back and enjoy the free ride.

I wonder quite often what would happen to these people if you kicked them out on their sorry asses, took their kids and adopted them out to families that will raise them right and then just turned your back on them. I'm sure crime rates would go up, but we could take all of the money we are saving on welfare and give it to law enforcement agencies to take care of the problem.

Now on to disability benefits.

Everything seems to be a disability these days. Pretty soon anyone with a hang nail will be able to apply for disability so long as you have never worked in your entire life and have no plans to do so in the future.

My dad worked from the time he was 14 years old until he was forced to retire in 2002 because of serious complications of diabetes. He paid in to social security his entire working life. He got so bad at one point that he couldn't get out of bed and walk into the living room with out being completely exhausted. He ended up getting a lawyer and fighting. Finally after two years of court room battles he got his disability, which was merely his money that he paid in any way.

I've got a lazy piece of shit cousin who has never worked, been in and out of jail for as long as I can remember and is hooked on heroine. He gets disability now because they say he is too overweight to work and he suffers from depression problems.


Like I mentioned at the start of my rant, I don't mind helping out people who just need some support to get through a tough time in their life or are too old to work or have a legitimate health problem that keeps them from working. But, the rest of those douche bags need to start contributing or get the fuck out.


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

A-FUCKING-MEN to this post, I couldn't agree more. I am very socially liberal and fully support welfare and disability programs...but ONLY FOR THOSE IN TRUE NEED. I am sick and tired of seeing folks who live better than I do raking in welfare, and as for disability...I've got an older sister totally corrupting THAT system.

When unmedicated (and I wasn't medicated until I was 29-30 years old...I went MANY years doing without because I couldn't afford it and was a complete mess as a result), I'm quite badly off: rapid-cycling bipolar type II. However, did this stop me from going to college for 9.5 years and completing a Ph.D., holding 2 faculty positions, and now working at a biotech company. I tend to think that many people (like my older sister) rather get off on being able to say, "I'm bipolar, so I shouldn't be working" rather than doing a goddamn thing to make themselves well or at least slightly better off. Please, if you want to start bitching about this stuff, start with her.

End of rant...obviously your post hit home, and the fact that you have yet again written in an open and honest fashion is one of the things I particularly dig about your blog.

Anonymous said...

having been on psych meds for over 15 years and managed to hold down a job for most of those, even while living on the streets, this makes me angry.
let the fuckers starve.

Aubs said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post. I agree that these systems are in place for a reason...and it's NOT to support fucking laziness. If one wants to see the wrath of Aubs come to the surface, ask me about the welfare program. Oooo, I just cringe thinking about it.

I moved out on my own immediately after graduating from high school. Shortly after that, I moved out of state and was diagnosed with bipolar. Even though I was near the end of my rope for years, I still managed to get my happy ass out of bed to MAKE A FUCKING LIVING. I had no one else to help me out, so I had to help myself. Now, this isn't to say that I didn't go on medical leave a few times...I mean, hell, I'm bipolor and meds just don't work sometimes.

There was even a point where I did get laid off. I felt GUILTY going to the unemployment office but while I was on unemployment, I busted my ass to find a new job AND I DID. The unemployment/welfare system is a good program when it's not abused, but sadly this is America and there is that group of scum that thinks WE, the taxpayers, owe them something.

Grrrrr.....okay, I'm done.