Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Questions

I happen to be a working class heterosexual white male of legal voting age. When did everything become my fault?

Why is it that every time there is something wrong with my car every dip shit who has ever seen a ratchet thinks they can tell me how to fix it and their way of fixing it is way better than anyone else's?

On that same note, why is it that there is always one asspipe who insists you do it his way because his uncle has been a mechanic for 25 years? Maybe his uncle would be a prime candidate to consult on auto repair issues, but jerking off hamsters at the local petsmart and merely being related to a mechanic does not make you a fucking master automotive technician.

What is it with people being too lazy to pronounce an entire word? Like people who say "wit" instead of "with" or people who say "dis" instead of "disrespected". Do people actually think that makes them "hip" or "cool"? To me it sends up a red flag that the individual is either too fucking stupid or too lazy to pronounce the entire word. When people come into work talking like that and wanting to fill out a job application I throw it in the trash when they are done. I don't want to work with an idiot or a lazy bastard.

Why is our society more interested in protecting some one's frail sense of being than getting the truth out into the light and doing the right thing? The Pooper incident is a prime example of this. He stole from the company. Did he get punished? No he didn't because he's an old man in his early 60's and the company didn't want to "pick on him". What a bunch of bullshit. If he'd been my age they would have fired him and then took legal action. If you do something wrong you should be punished for it regardless of you age, gender, religious beliefs, race or any of that other petty shit.


Aubs said...

Very, VERY well said and I couldn't agree more! I get sick and tired of "society" protecting everyone from truth and then blaming me in return for their "poor unbringing". Give me a fucking break! How your life turns out is up to you...not society.

In general, people piss me off. LAZY people infuriate me.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Holy shit, with the mood I'm in (tons of bullshit has been taking place at work and such but I don't blog about it due to the fact that, unfortunately, the lab manager reads my blog), there is no post I can relate to more right now than this one. Thanks so much for sharing!